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Dunlop BIOMIMETIC 700 Tennis Racket

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Dunlop Biomimetic 700 Tennis Racket

The Dunlop Biomimetic 700 Tennis Racket offers maximum comfort on court with a Gecko-Tac grip for an improved control and feel This Dunlop tennis racket includes Aeroskin technology to increase the power of your shot and a lightweight HM6 carbon construction to reduce vibration.

> Tennis racket
> Construction: HM6 carbon
> Length: 27.25 inch
> Strung weight: 277g/9.78oz
> Unstrung weight: 262g/9.24oz
> Strung balance: 349mm
> Head size: 110sq.inch
> Stiffness/RA: 66
> String pattern: 16x19
> String tension: 52-62lbs/25-29kgs
> String: Dunlop silk
> Grip: Dunlop Gecko-Tac
> Full Zip carry bag included


Aeroskin is inspired by the skin of the most highly evolved marine predator, the shark. Like the shark, Aeroskin uses a unique textured skin strategically applied to the surface of the racket which helps to smooth airflow around the racket to reduce aerodynamic drag. This makes the tennis racket quicker through the air to generate enhanced power, improved manoeuvrability and allow faster reaction time.
Aeroskin reduces aerodynamic drag by up to 25%* for increased racket speed and power.

Gecko-Tak is inspired by the pads on the foot of one of nature's most highly evolved species, the gecko. The nano-scopic surface of the gecko's foot gives it the ability to stick upside down on any surface, in any condition.
Gecko-Tac technology provides up to 50%*w more grip and tack than previous Dunlop technology, giving greater control, feel and precision.

HM6 Carbon is inspired by one of the strongest most efficient structures in nature, Honeycomb. Its complex mass of hexagonal cells creates an incredible strong lightweight structure that's up to 95% air to naturally absorb impacts whilst maintaining its shape.
HM6 Carbon reduces racket frequency and vibration by up to 10%* for ultimate energy return and feel.

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